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Building A Fodder System!

Building a fodder system does not have to be complicated nor does it have to expensive!

Hands down, deciding to build your own fodder system and learning how to grow fodder will be one the best decisions you have ever made! 

Every day you'll have fresh, organic, nutrient rich forage ready to feed your animals!

Couple that with saving HUNDRED$ and even THOU$AND$ of dollars on feed! PLUS having happier, healthier animals, higher performance and production rates, less sickness, better hydration! 

It is time to showcase your skills with the easy to follow, step by step fodder system plans so you can build the best automated system possible!

Building a Fodder System is sheer Common Sense!

It is sheer logic. Every year you spend so much on feed! But what if you could reduce your overall feed cost by 20-30%? And that is CONSERVATIVE! Not to mention all the time finding, ordering, stacking and moving that other feed!

It does not take having a PhD in ‘Fodder Systems’ to realize you already have to assemble extremely expensive pre-built fodder systems piece by piece, fitting this piece with that piece hoping they'll come in flush, so why not start from scratch and know it'll work for you?
Save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress of buying and assembling a prebuilt fodder system- when you start from scratch, using affordable and simple fodder system plans.

Besides, pre-built fodder systems that make you assemble them anyways, have large price tags in the thousands, forcing insanely inflated prices for low-end material. Find the right plan here and start building a fodder system of your very own today!

Now I 100% understand that building a fodder system can seem like a daunting project. Working out measurements, materials, irrigation, drainage, timers, positioning, shelving, water collection and protection from the elements can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be!

Use My Proven Experience When Building an Automated Fodder System For Lasting Results

Luckily, for you, I have spent nearly a decade learning what works best when it comes to building the most affordable, efficient and easy to build fodder system based on step by step plans! 

I have created an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to building your own fodder system. It’s designed for the beginner, so you don’t need carpentry skills. Gather your materials, plans, and tools to start building your own fodder system now!

“It doesn’t matter if you want a big system or a small system, or if you have a big or little budget. These systems work because they are simple and scalable!”

 Other companies sell systems that cost thousands! This DIY System cost less than $375, comes with super easy to follow instructions and is automated! There has never been a feed system that has saved us so much money while helping our animals feel as good, look as good and perform & produce as good as this fodder system has! 
Take a closer look at the plans you're getting!
  • Step-by-Step, Easy to Follow Plans: to build the most affordable and efficient                                                                     DIY Fodder System available!          $197
  • FULL Materials List: with specific instructions on where you can find                                                          everything you need the easiest and quickest!          $47
  • BONUS! Fodder KickStart Grow Guide: To get you growin' with ease!       $27
No special tools required – I designed these plans specifically for beginners. By building your fodder system with my plans you can avoid wasting money on expensive tools you'd only use one time. I keep it simple!

Easy To Build Plans – Our “DIY Fodder System” guides include incredible detailed color step-by-step plans drawn to scale with diagrams and dimensions so simple that even a child could follow them.

Save Money – By saying yes to building your fodder system; on average our users save about $1,500 on the initial build PLUS 20-30% on feed costs (some even up to 50%)! Those savings can add up to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars.

Print As Needed – The downloadable format allows you to print off as many copies as you need in case your lose or dirty a copy, or if you require multiple copies for those helping you build your fodder system!
PLUS! These Bonuses ONLY for the next 20 people that buy the plans!!!
  • Bonus #1- Not one but TWO sets of DIY PLANS to choose from!  $297
  • Bonus #2- ALL FUTURE UPDATES & IMPROVEMENTS to these sets of plans!  $97
  • Bonus #3- Feed Conversion Guide for all your Farm Animals!  $27
    (no more guess work on how much to feed!)
  • Bonus #4- Start-to-Finish Fodder Grow Course!  $297
    Get growin' with confidence and guidance while avoiding those mistakes that can cost you your harvest!




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As soon as you have paid you will be directed to our exclusive community page where you can instantly download your own copy of the plans to build your Automated Fodder System and get access to all your free bonuses!

It is that simple! So get started building your Fodder System today and let's get Growin'!

Wishing you years of successful growing and a farm full of happy animals,

Building A Fodder System Author
P.s.- Remember, there is absolutely NO RISK to you. You have 14 days to decide if you want to keep the plans “Building An Automated Fodder System”. You will get INSTANT ACCESS to the plans and all the bonuses:

Automated Fodder System Plans (Two Sets of Plans!) [PDF] – $297 Value
Full Materials List with directions for Best Buying your supplies [PDF] – $47 Value 
Bonus #1: Fodder KickStart Growing Guide [PDF] – $27 Value
Bonus #2: Access to All Future Updates & Improvements to the Plans! [PDF]- $97 Value
Bonus #3: Feed Conversion Guide for Your Farm Animals [PDF] – $27 Value
Bonus #4: Start-to-Finish Grow Course [Digital Access] – $297 Value
Bonus #5: How to Avoid the Top 10 most common mistakes when growing fodder! [PDF] – $47 Value

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The Fodder FAQs!

🌱Just a few questions we often get asked!🌱

What is Fodder???

How can Fodder benefit my animals??

Where can I get seed to grow fodder?

Do I need greenhouse or grow lights?

What animals can eat fodder?

What are the benefits of Fodder??

How long does it take to grow fodder?

What type of seed do I need?

How much do I need to feed my ___?

Do ALL animals love fodder??

How much does it cost to grow?

What is fodder?
Fodder is the final product you get from sprout seeds for 6-8 days that is ready to be fed to your animals! Fodder does not require fertilizers, chemicals, soil or even sunlight!
What are the benefits of fodder?
The top 3 areas Fodder can positively benefit are: 1) Optimizing Animal Health 2) Being a source of High Quality Sustainable Feed and 3) Reduction in Feed Costs on average 20%-30% and as much as 50%+. 
How can Fodder benefit the health of my animals?
 Fodder is loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that are not present in grains and dry hay. Did you know fodder is over 90% digestible where as some hays and grains are less than 50%! Huge difference in feed value! In turn, when feeding fodder this means we can drastically improve our animal’s gut biome, health, appearance, performance, recovery and more! Common results include:
- Reduction and/or prevention of gastro-intestinal problems such as ulcers and colic
- Improvement of digestion efficiency = ability to more efficiently extract valuable nutrition from their feeds
- Increased hydration! 
- Improved coat health and overall appearance!
- Faster recovery & higher performance via fodder’s anti-inflammatory characteristics!
- Improved temperament (the better they feel on the inside, the better they feel on the outside!)
How fast does fodder grow?
Fodder is ready to feed in just 6-8days! 
Where can I find the seed I need?
The best place is to contact your local SEED store (NOT necessarily your local FEED store). The place where your local farmers source their row crop (corn, soy beans, etc) from. 
What type of seed do I need?
The most common, easiest to grow and highest yielding fodder seed is BARLEY. You can also use wheat or oats if you cannot find barley. 
Do I need a greenhouse or growlights?
How much Fodder do I need to feed my ______?
This of course depends on the animal you are feeding! It varies from chickens and ducks to horses and cattle. As part of your bonuses (if you're one of the next 50 people) you'll receive a FREE feed conversion guide to help figure out exactly how much you need to grow and feed.
What animals can eat fodder?
Simply- if they eat forage on a regular basis, fodder can be a great addition to their feeding program. 
- Horses, Beef Cattle, Dairy Cows, Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits, Donkeys, Goats, Sheep, Llamas, even Cats love it. 
Do ALL animals love fodder?
No. It's kind of like kids and their vegetables. Not every animal is going to LOVE their fodder no matter how fresh it is. There are effective ways like mixing it with their feed that can get them to eat it so they get the benefits from fodder. Kind of like how my mom used to hide TONS of veggies in lasagna so my brother would get his fill. 
How much does it cost to grow fodder?
No. It's kind of like kids and their vegetables. Not every animal is going to LOVE their fodder no matter how fresh it is. There are effective ways like mixing it with their feed that can get them to eat it so they get the benefits from fodder. Kind of like how my mom used to hide TONS of veggies in lasagna so my brother would get his fill. 

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